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Stamford Soccer Club

Proposed Text Change

O’Donnell Law LLC has filed an application on behalf of TLRC LLC with the City of Stamford Zoning Board for a text change of the Zoning Regulations. The proposed text change includes defining a new special exception use, Soccer Club, that would be permitted in the RA-2 and RA-3 zones. The text change also includes conditions on the approval and use of a Soccer Club.

If you would like to learn more about this application, you may review the initial application and materials submitted to the City of Stamford Zoning Board to the right. You may also review the entire application and any subsequently submitted materials in the Stamford Zoning Board file which is available for inspection during regular business hours at its offices located on the 7th floor of the Government Center. You can reach the Land Use Bureau and staff for the Zoning Board by telephone at 203-977-4711 or online at

Although no public hearing has been scheduled at this time, it is anticipated that one or more public hearings may be scheduled in the future. Notice of public hearings will be published in the legal advertisement section of the Stamford Advocate.

Schedule A
Proposed Text Change
Schedule B
Text Change Impact Map
Schedule C
Soccer Club Concept Plan
Schedule D
DRG Analysis Outline
Schedule E
Impacted Properties Analysis

Updated Application Materials

In consultation with Land Use Bureau staff, the community, and TLRC LLC, O’Donnell Law LLC has submitted additional materials to the City of Stamford Zoning Board in relation to the Soccer Club text change application. The materials include changes to the proposed text, provided in both track changes annotation and fully integrated, reports on lighting, acoustics, and traffic, and an addendum to the Impacted Properties Analysis.

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Proposed Text Change
Updated - Track Changes
Proposed Text Change
Updated - Integrated
Impacted Properties
Analysis Addendum
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